My Dragon*Con schedule

Bri did it. V did it. Tommy did it. Now I feel left out.

Here is my schedule for Dragon*Con

Panel: Tech News
Tom Merritt discusses what it takes to keep up with the ever-changing tech news industry, and how they keep the hit podcast, ‘Tech News Today’ running.
Time: Fri 04:00 pm Location: Crystal Ballroom – Hilton (Length: 1 Hour)
FSL Tonight LIVE!
Justin Robert Young and Tom Merritt will bring you the post-game wrap-up from the FSL championship. Vulcan vs. Lannisport? Coruscant vs. Rivendell? Whatever it ends up being, we’ll be there, with special guests Brian Brushwood and more
Time: Fri 05:30 pm Location: 204 – Hilton (Length: 1 Hour)
Title: Scam Your Way To #1
Description: Scam School was created specifically to take advantage of gaps in the podcasting space, and how it totally cheated the way to the #1 spot on iTunes.
Time: Sun 07:00 pm Location: 204 - Hilton (Length: 1 Hour)
Title: TWiT - NSFW LIVE!
Description: An irreverent fun-fest featuring unusual guests, bizarre games and more!
Time: Sun 08:30 pm Location: Crystal Ballroom - Hilton (Length: 1 Hour)
Regina Kirby
Senior Director of Programming

Panels that aren’t real that I’d like to be on…

Title: Dwarves
Description: Seriously, what is going on with these guys? Why are they so short. Beards? “And my axe!” dissected and explained in intricate detail.
Time: 5:40 am Location: Behind a TGI Fridays on I-95 - Ocala, FL (Legnth: 43 minutes)
Title: Seriously, who the fuck are you supposed to be?
Description: Are you a steampunk Ness from Earthbound? Or a zombie Klingon Gidget. You know, like from the Gidget movies? What do you mean you haven’t seen Gidget movies?
Time: Who gives a shit. Location: Half past a monkey’s ass
Title: I love DRAGON*CON!!!!!11!!
Description: An entire panel dedicated to people talking about how much they love Dragon*Con and how if they could build a perfect society, they would live at this convention for the entire year.
Time: The entire fucking convention Location: Everywhere there is someone who is attending the fucking convention

Anonymous said: So uh... last night I had a dream that I had you and Andrew's babies. One of each by self-administered artificial insemination (sadly). Your kid was older by a year and I named him Robbie. Andrew's kid was named his middle name, but I don't know what that is so I didn't actually ever call him by name. They were like 3 and 4 and SO ADORABLE!

So my question is this: What is Andrew's middle name? Haha...

Well… that’s interesting.

My first instinct is to tell you his middle name is Restraining Order. On second thought, however, I will say that you already know Andrew’s middle name.

On-Topic Advice: Some dreams are meant to be kept to ourselves.

Before they rocked NSFWshow…

Here is Jake Goldman (lead singer) and Daniel Luddy (drummer) of Otsego in a very silly video. It also features the comedic stylings of Dan Lief, who went on to a successful run as the titular roll in the Off Broadway production of Abe Lincoln Jr.: Teen Detective and Jessica Stickles who works at your local DMV. All of them.

Anonymous said: How did NSFW come to be? I've watched back the last episode of BBLiveShow and there is no reference to NSFW.

NSFWshow was something that we were working on forever and then one day we just hit the switch. We wanted to keep things a surprise until one day… BOOM… we were on TWiT.

BBLiveShow was Brian’s way to communicate with Scam School fans beyond the show. I came on as a guest a couple times and had some ideas on how to make it more or an interactive show instead of an extended chat. We did that for a while and then TWiT became an option.


The TWiT Netcast Network with Leo Laporte.jpg

I got the chance to do TWiT today. I was pretty nervous. I thought I did well.

It’s not a unique story, but I’ll tell it anyway. When I first started thinking about podcasting on a regular basis This Week in Tech was the show I listened to as a reference guide for… well… what a podcast should sound like. Leo’s effortless delivery and ability to poke a compelling conversation out of a topic like Linux releases amazes me to this day.

When BBLiveShow was baptized in the waters of Petaluma and rose anew NSFWshow it was an honor to be a part of the team. But my role on NSFWshow is something very different from the rest of TWiT. I am loud. I substitute careful thought for quick jokes. I am loud. Instead of supportively tossing a topic between hosts I often intentionally sabotage Brian for lulz. I am loud.

This has led to a running joke amongst our fans that I am the feral animal of the network, never to be trusted around the flagship show for fear that I’d scream and yell over guests and make an off-color joke before the first break.

When we started booking Andrew Mayne’s lecture through the Bay Area I knew I wanted to try and get on the show. Thanks to everyone at The Cottage, I did.

It was a pretty cool day. So, here it is- TWiT 307: I’m With Stupid

Successful Alcoholics from TJ Miller, Lizzy Caplan & Jordan Vogt-Roberts from Lizzy Caplan

Successful Alcoholics. Short film starring Lizzy Caplan. Very funny. Nice turn halfway.

Dick Ebersol Resigns From NBC

Dick Ebersol is a very important dude. Dick Ebersol resigned from NBC. This is big news.

Short list of things Ebersol helped shape: NBC late night including but not limited to Saturday Night Live (specifically the years Lorne Michaels would like to erase from history, i.e. the years he left and the show survived. Ever wonder why Eddie Murphy never makes appearances on SNL like other mega-famous alums? He became a star under Ebersol) and unofficial advisory roles with Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon. NBC football including the Sunday Night Football program which is the only shining ratings star for a network threatening to kick The CW out of the basement. World Series. The Olympics.

He also worked with Vince MacMahon in making professional wrestling a modern television powerhouse.

So Comcast comes and and now Ebersol is out.

Question: Ebersol’s two biggest wins over the last few years has been the NFL Sunday game and the Olympics. The NFL is a loss leader. The Vancouver Olympics (because of the economy) was as well. Did Comcast look at him as a luxury they could not afford?

Either way. Ebersol is a huge deal. Curious to see where he lands.

A Brief Love Letter To Friday Night Lights

I am currently catching up with the final season of Friday Night Lights. For those unaware it’s an hour-long drama focusing on a Texas high school football coach.

So much has been written about the show by television critics far more talented than I, so I would defer to them in terms of categorizing the show’s brilliance.

There is this:

While Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles still airing it briefly featured an evil T-800 named Cromartie played by the insanely talented Garret Dillahunt. At the same time, the San Diego Chargers were getting excellent play out of their shut down corner Antonio Cromartie. Every time I watched a highlight featuring the CB I secretly hoped the anchor would make reference to his true desire to Kill. John. Conner. For no other reason than that it would severely tickle an grey area on the venn diagram of my pop culture consumption.

I love sports. I love great hour-long dramas. Friday Night Lights is most likely the best representation of that combination those who are like me will ever see in our lives.

There will be great cop dramas. There will be great science fiction epics. There might even be another great series centering around a zombie apocalypse.

But pound for pound. Note for note. FNL was a rare breed.

A show as contemporary and hip in their indie music choices that score the show as it is dramatizing forever repeated stories of recruiters and boosters inflating the egos of teenage athletes and the tricky economic and family dynamics that help it happen.

The first four seasons are currently on Netflix Instant. If you despise sports you will probably like it. If you love football, you will most likely love it.

Except for the regrettable, writer’s strike-shortened second season. Take that with a grain of salt.

Texas forever.

Anonymous said: Hahaha totally got a picture outta it, thanks. :P Your beard makes up a-plenty for him, at least. Too bad it'll be gone until Fall, but I understand about South Fla summers.

Mayne actually grows a pretty awesome beard, as you saw. Not as regal or majestic as mine but he looks like an undercover cop.

My beard will surely be back at some point before you know it. I am very lazy.